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A Brief History of NCARE

Written by: William "Bill" Ware, Retired Professor

Educational Psychology, Measurement, and Evaluation

Learning Sciences and Psychological Studies, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

NCARE President 1996-1997, NCARE Treasurer 1998 - 2012

At the 1973 Annual Meeting of AERA in New Orleans, attendees from across the county came together and formed a Special Interest Group (SIG)  entitled the Consortium of State and Regional Educational Research Associations (SRERA).  After the annual meeting, local AERA members banded together to form member organizations of the SIG, SRERA.  In North Carolina, a group met in 1974 to form the North Carolina Association for Research in Education (NCARE).  The meeting was held at the Betsy Jeff Penn 4-H Educational Center in Reidsville.  Details of the meeting are sketchy, but known to attend were Roy Sommerfeld (UNC-Chapel Hill) and John Bridgman (NC Advancement School).  John went on to become the first president of NCARE.  

The early years of the Association seem to be guided by researchers from the Frank Porter Graham Child Development Center at UNC-Chapel Hill and the Research Triangle Institute (RTI).  As time passed, more and more people and institutions became involved.  Some of the major groups have been the School of Education at UNC-CH, NCDPI, UNC-Greensboro, North Carolina State University, UNC-Charlotte, UNC-Wilmington, and most recently, Wingate University in South Carolina. 

NCARE boasts a rich history of leadership from distinctive educational scholars from across our state.  The following is a complete list of past presidents of NCARE:

2019 Jennifer McGee, Appalachian State University

2018 Ted Kaniuka, Fayetteville State University

2017     Melanie Keel, Wingate

2016     Sandra Dika, UNCC

2015     Eddie Case, Wingate

2014     Chris Cobitz, Wingate

2013     Tamara Walser, UNCW

2012     Elissa Brown, NCDPI and Tamara Walser, UNCW

2011     Chris Cobitz

2010     Meagan Karvonen, WNC

2009     Belinda Black, NCDPI

2008     William Sugar, ECU

2007     Claudia P. Flowers, UNC-Charlotte

2006     George Olson, Appalachian State University

2005     Helmuts Feifs, NCDPI

2004     Gongshu Zhang, NCDPI

2003     Laura Rodgers, UNCW

2002     Dee Brewer, NCDPI

2001     Dawson Hancock, UNCC

2000     Mary Penta, Wake County Schools

1999     Martha Hudson, UNCG

1998     Dennis Hoban, WFU School of Medicine

1997     Helen DeCasper, SERVE

1996     William B. Ware, UNC-CH

1995     Gary Williamson, Guilford County Schools

1994     Rita G. O'Sullivan, UNC-G

1993     J. Christian Busch, UNC-G

1992     Bob Brown, ECU

1991     Jill Fitzgerald, UNC-CH

1990     Martha S. Ward, NCDPI

1989     John L. Wasik, NCSU

1988     Lou Fabrizio, CTB/McGraw-Hill

1987     Clark Trivett, NCDPI

1986     Vincent P. Mikkelsen, ECU

1985     Marvin Wyne, UNC-CH

1984     Ellis B. Page, Duke

1983     David Pratto, UNC-G

1982     Richard M. Jaeger, UNC-G

1981     William J. Brown, NCDPI

1980     Gary B. Stuck, UNC-CH

1979     John N. Pyecha, RTI

1978     Tanya M. Suarez, UNC-CH

1977     David L. Bayless, RTI

1976     James D. McKinney, UNC-CH

1975     Betty H. Lansberger, UNC-CH

1974     John Bridgman, NC Advancement School

NCARE is an affiliate member of the American Educational Research Association (AERA) through the Consortium of State and Regional Educational Research Associations (SRERA).

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